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Frequently Asked Questions

♦ How can  I make an enquiry?

We can be contacted through the contact form from the web, email or by phone.

♦ How should  the design of the stairs be in order to use Primestairs ? 

As per a normal insitu concrete stair. After  we will adopt your riser heights, going sizes etc in our formwork design.

♦ If we have not yet design the stairs for the site are Primestairs able to do this?

Yes, please get in contact with us about a price/lead time for this.

♦ Do the stairs need to be painted?

Based on our clients experience the usual finish would be painted.

♦ What finishes can be applied to the stair?

Suitable for screeds, linoleum, carpet, nosings etc. The very same as an insitu concrete stair or a precast stair.

♦ Do you have calculations for your handrails to demonstrate their strength?

Yes, we can make them available on request.

♦ Do you supply a wall mounted handrail?

We can also supply the wall mounted handrail.

♦ What finish do Primestairs supply on handrails?
We provide the handrails with two  layers of primer. First layer it is wash primer and  the second layer it is an anti-corrosive epoxy primer. A final paint finish will need to be applied following installation.

♦ What happen if the final top coat does not get applied within  6 months ?

Before applying the top coat, the surface of the balustrades needs to be assessed and any necessary repairs should be carried out.