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S&E Innovative Construction develops systems to make construction industry safer, economical and  eco-friendly.


Primestair system represents/is an  individual stair formwork with permanent or temporary handrail, designed by us based on Architect/Structural Engineers drawings.


Once approved by Structural Engineer and Architect, Primestairs system will be appointed for production in our workshop and delivered to site in accordance with the construction program or an agreed delivery schedule.


We install the reinforcement as per Structural Engineer comments/design intent or RC drawings.
Primestars  is manufactured from 2m m,  suitable for painting cold rolled galvanized steel.


If you are looking for a contractor with a dedicated team for each project that can offer excellent service and product,  please get in touch.


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Our Core Services

Design and Detailing

With expertise and knowledge our team is able to provide full design and detailing package.

This means all the details required by your project will be achieved.

Architectural Metalwork

Our team offer a wide range of architectural products including the following;

  • Mild Steel

    Laser Cut Panelling

    Stainless Steel

  • Stairs – Internal

  • Handrail




Structural metal

Thanks to advanced software our team can easily produce 2D and 3D drawings which help to avoid potential issues in production and site installation

Final view

Advantages using Primestairs

♦ Once the stair core walls are done, Primestairs can be installed offering a safe access to the next level.

♦ Working at height risk is reduced when Primestairs is installed with our temporary or permanent handrails.

♦ We only need the existing  stair drawings for our design.

♦ Fire rating achieved by setting the correct cover to the reinforcement.

♦ We can produce and provide the wall mounted handrails.

♦ Can be used on buildings with high level.

♦ Continuous connection of reinforcement with the landing and stairs.

♦ No chipping of the stairs nose even if open for access second day after the cement pouring.


Primestairs Characteristics

♦ We can manufacture the flights with closed stringer and  a folded 28mm safety edge above the pitch line.

♦ Manufactured with 4 lifting points.

♦ At the lab destructive test our lifting points have been overrated by a factor of 24 or more capacity for a typical stair flight.

♦ Lightweight construction makes them easy to maneuver and install on site.

♦ Easy installation of the handrail to the flight before the flight is landed.


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Our Products

Typical handrail type 01 3D_page-0001         Typical handrail type 03 3D_page-0001        Typical handrail type 04 3D_page-0001      Typical Handrails type 02 3D_page-0001                                                                                                                                                                Typical handrail type 01 closed stringers_page-0001         Typical handrail type 02 closed stringers._page-0001         Typical handrail type 03 closed stringers_page-0001      Typical handrail type 04 closed stringers_page-0001